USALLIANCE Financial Credit Union Bank

A trusted bank partner.

Funds are held with USALLIANCE Financial in convenient, secure, individual savings accounts opened in seconds through the Kidfund app and linked to your child’s profile. USALLIANCE is a trusted and secure bank partner who has your best interest at heart.

A full service, not for profit, $1B+ financial institution, they’ve been around for over 50 years as an industry leader providing new technology and services.

1 to 1 Fund Non-profit

There’s power in numbers.

Together we can level the playing field for the next generation. Set your charitable donation percentage in the app to provide college savings incentives for low-income children through the 1:1 Fund.

The 1:1 Fund, created by the national nonprofit, Prosperity Now, makes it easy for children’s savings programs to raise matching funds from individual donors, thereby enabling these donors to match the contributions of low-income savers in special college savings accounts.

Our kids all share the same future. Let’s make it a good one!