What is The Gift of Savings?

During the 2017 holidays, we added the ability to “Give the Gift of Savings” so you could help anyone save, even if they’re not on Kidfund yet. It was so popular that we decided to make it a permanent button right on the home screen!

You can now send a cash gift to any child even if they don’t have a Kidfund account. Their parent will receive an email telling them that there’s money waiting for their kid(s), plus instructions for how to create a Kidfund to receive it. It’s savings for their future, plus the tool to keep it growing! Click here to give the gift of savings right now.

Give the Gift of Savings to any kid you know!
It’s as easy as tapping a button.

Kidfund iPhone screen   An email will be sent to the recipients’ parent,
who can open an account for their child to receive the gift!

Kidfund iPhone screen send gift Choose the amount you’d like to give (you can customize too!),
and send the gift. Simple as that!