We’re proud to announce that Kidfund + Council for Economic Education (CEE) are joining forces to empower families to save in a new way, add money to their accounts, and expand financial literacy across the country.

For each new family that starts to save, CEE will receive $10 to support its financial literacy mission. It’s never too early to start saving and learning. Sign up for your kid’s free account today, and they will enjoy a brighter tomorrow (plus, for a limited time only, new families receive a free $5 when you start saving). Just tap the button below!

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“Making a commitment to your child’s future by saving for and with them — no matter what size the contribution — is something we can all do.”

-Nan J. Morrison, President and CEO, Council for Economic Education

“We’re combining quality financial education with the power of money in the bank.”

-Laura Bailyn, CEO, Kidfund


Consider the facts…

98% of parents say saving for their child’s future is important, yet only 57% save anything each year.
Kids with $500 in savings are 4x more likely to graduate from college.
Only 1/3 of states require their students to graduate having taken a personal finance class.


Kidfund is a simple savings account plus the tool to keep it growing. The funds are held securely in individual accounts at USALLIANCE Financial. They are completely free (no fee + no minimums), earn 3% interest on the first $500, and are insured up to $250,000.

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