National Reading Awareness Month is upon us, and we’re giving you the tools to take advantage! Your kids will thank you, and it’s always nice to have some read aloud time, if you choose to take that route. These books will help spark your kids creativity and interest in a topic that is brushed over all too often.

Here is our list of 14 books that will teach your kids about money (and you might even learn a thing or two at the same time!):

For Parents (teach your kids!)

1. Make Your Kid a Money GeniusBeth Kobliner (Young adult+)

A guide that teaches parents how to talk to their kids about money. Instill values in your kids that will make them successful. It turns out you don’t need to be a money genius to raise money-savvy kids!

2. Get a Financial LifeBeth Kobliner (Young adult+)

Millennials are at a severe disadvantage when it comes to their finances. They’re in debt, rents are high, and they just experienced one of the worst economic downturns in recent memory. Beth gives her advice on concrete actions you can take to gain control of your financial life.

For Kids, or reading aloud 🙂

1. Bunny MoneyRosemary Wells (3-7 years)

A true classic! You know that feeling when you have money, and then all of a sudden it’s gone? So does Ruby! An adorable story for younger kids.

2. Lemonade in Winter: A Book About Two Kids Counting MoneyEmily Jenkins & G. Brian Karas (3-7 years)

Who sells lemonade in the winter? You’ll have to take a look to find out! Teach your kids how to be entrepreneurs with this cute relatable story.

3. The Berenstain Bears, Trouble With MoneyStan Berenstain (4-7 years)

A simple tale about entrepreneurship, because money, unfortunately, doesn’t grow on trees (to the chagrin of Brother and Sister).

4. One Cent, Two Cent, Old Cent, New Cent Dr. Seuss (4-8 years)

Dr Seuss will teach your kids all about money, from banking to currencies and much more! This is a more direct learning experience that your kids will love.

5. Two of EverythingLily Toy Hong (4-8 years)

Sometimes you stumble across a miracle, which is exactly what happens for Mr. Haktak! He finds a magic pot that turns doubles everything you place inside, and the rest is history!

6. One Plastic BagMiranda Paul (5-8 years)

Although this book isn’t directly about money, it teaches the wonders of recycling. Isatou Ceesay decides that the heaps of plastic bags accumulating in her hometown could be used other ways. Dive in to find out more!

7. A Bike Like Sergio’sMaribeth Boelts (5-8 years)

A realistic look at socioeconomics in a simple, kid-friendly package. Not everyone can afford the same things, which can be hard to understand. A heartfelt and relatable story.

8. Those Shoes Maribeth Boelts (5-8 years)

Deciphering the difference between want and need can be tough as a young kid, but it’s an important lesson to learn. Jeremy wants a new pair of shoes, but eventually learns to appreciate what he already has instead of pining for something he can’t afford.

9. The Go Around DollarBarbara Adams (6-9 years)

Ever wanted to know the past life of that dollar in your wallet? Here’s a fun story that looks at just that!

10. Alexander, Who Used to Be Rich Last SundayJudith Viorst (6-9 years)

Alexander is given a dollar by his grandparents, at which point he has all the opportunities in the world! Unfortunately, the money starts to disappear teaching him a tough but useful lesson.

11. Rock, Brock, and the Savings ShockShelia Bair (7-10 years)

A classic story about saving versus spending. One of the most important lessons your kids will learn, so teach ‘em early!

12. The Penny PotStuart J. Murphy (7-9 years)
Math and money go hand in hand, and this story will make some of those connections obvious. Stuart shows kids that they use math every day, an interesting and valuable lesson!


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