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Money fuels kids’ potential.

Saving it should be easier.

Kidfund is a private, social savings platform that connects kids’ savings accounts to their lives and community. 

Through Kidfund, parents can:

    •  Open a savings account for your child

    •  Build a larger fund with:

          -  auto-recurring transfers

          -  direct cash gifting from friends 

              and family

          -  micro-saving moments

    •  Spread the wealth to accounts for kids 

        in need

Bank Level Security

256 Bit Encryption Monitored 24/7

W H A T   I S   K I D F U N D ?

Because putting money in your kid’s account should be as easy as tipping the barista. And who doesn’t want their child to learn the power of saving and giving to others? From grandma’s daily fix to the classmate's birthday gift and everything in between.

Funds are held with our banking partner, USALLIANCE Financial, in convenient, secure, individual savings accounts opened in seconds through the Kidfund app and linked to your child’s profile. These accounts are:

    • FREE

    • 3% interest on first $500

    • Insured up to $250,000

    • First $1 on us – for good luck!

Charitable donations are set in the app by you, the parent, and go seamlessly through our non-profit partner, the 1:1 Fund, into a growing network of local programs that provide College Savings Accounts (CSA’s) for kids in need across America.

O U R   P A R T N E R S

“This app is awesome!!! I can’t believe it didn’t exist before. Takes the pain out of saving (even makes it fun!). Every parent should have one. Plus it’s well designed, easy to use, beautiful and works well. Really, really awesome. Thanks, Kidfund!”

- DiamandGeezer

H O W   I T   W O R K S

“This is an amazing way to both save money for my kids, share photos with family, and do some good for the world. Because I can set it up and forget about it, I feel like I can save without thinking. It is very cool looking and seems really secure. Definitely recommend to anyone who has or is about to have kids.”

- AGP2016

Changing the way we save for the next generation.

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